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Water Damage Macungie

When it comes to defending the property of residents in the area from flooding challenges, people trust and rely on Dan and Kathy Cicchino, along with their expert water damage Macungie teams with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley to take care of the situation for them.

Water Damage Restoration Ceiling RepairEliminating water from any size property is a bread and butter task for Dan and Kathy, and that is why they have become such experts at the task.

“We know water damage better than anyone, and that’s why we make sure to arrive within 45 minutes of a distress call,” Dan says. “And we’re always available 24/7/365 for anyone during their time of need.”

Dan, Kathy and the water damage Macungie specialists always make sure to put their customers first in every situation that they encounter, and to do that they prioritize the needs of the homeowners above all else.

“Our goal is to provide people with such exceptional service that they feel they are walking into a new home when we give them back their restored old one,” Kathy explains.

If your home is being adversely affected by the weather, or if you have had a pipe burst, water heater failure or any other form of water damage, then don’t wait another minute to call Dan, Kathy and the water damage Macungie technicians with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley today!

Simple Avoidance Tips and Tricks

When it comes to dealing with the challenges brought about by water damage, there are few people who know more than Dan and Kathy or their expert crews.

Their heightened level of familiarity with the industry and the variables that it can throw in anyone’s direction gives them the ability to help people to prevent damages from taking place at all, and so much of the calls they field are for advice.

Water Damage Restoration Of Downstiars Wall“We try and help people to avoid trouble if we can,” Dan explains. “That’s why we tell people all over to keep their gutters cleaned out and flowing.”

Gutters that are dirty can cause lots of problems when winter hits because they can engender overflows that can freeze and spread apart the layers of the roofing materials. When roofing materials spread, water damage gets inside in the form of ceiling leaks and other such problems.

“Another tip that we give to people all the time is simple, but really effective,” Dan says. “Just keep the temperature of your home above the freezing point so that you don’t get any pipe burst situations.”

A pipe burst can be truly damaging to a home wherever it occurs, and it can be quite costly to fix as well. This is why Dan and Kathy suggest a full inspection of the home plumbing system at least once every two to five years to be sure there are no lingering issues.

Don’t let your home become inundated with water damage from a pipe burst or ceiling leak. Contact Dan, Kathy and the water damage Macungie crews with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley today and let them help with it all!

Flooded Basement Challenges Cause Mold Growth

Dan, Kathy and the water damage Macungie specialists have been providing solutions to the challenges presented during water damage episodes for long enough to have seen it all.

On one occasion, Dan and Kathy got called to a job where the air conditioning unit drip catch pan completely spilled into the home for a period of months on end before anyone noticed that water damage was destroying the wall with mold growth.

Water Damage Restoration Trucks And Van And Trailer“When we got there the whole wall was moldy on the inside and all you could see from the outside was a bowing that looked funny but hid most of the greater damage,” Dan says. “When situations like this occur, people are breathing in mold spores and don’t even know it.”

Dan, Kathy and the water damage Macungie team immediately erected vapor barriers to keep any airborne mold spores from spreading when they tore out the soaked drywall.

Then they got to work extracting the ruined and hazardous drywall before proceeding with the full restoration process.

“We took care of almost everything that first day, including setting the pan correctly in the AC unit so that this wouldn’t happen again,” Kathy explains. “Then we even helped the homeowner out with all of the insurance paperwork too so that they wouldn’t have as much to deal with on their plate.”

This is the kind of high level professionalism that Dan and Kathy bring to all the work they do and for all of the clients that they take on.

If your home is being inundated with mold spores from a faulty AC pan placement, then don’t wait another second to contact Dan, Kathy and the water damage Macungie team with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley today!

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