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Water Damage Germansville

When homes or businesses get flooded through in the area, people rely on Dan and Kathy Cicchino, in addition to their water damage Germansville teams of extraction experts with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley to get the job done properly and at a great value too.

Water Damage Restoration TechnicianProviding people with the best is just the way of business for Dan and Kathy and that’s because they are total professionals in the industry.

“We take pride in our ability to get the job done well and without breaking the bank for people in the process,” Dan says. “After all we live here too, and we’re essentially taking care of our neighbors whenever we get called out.”

Dan and Kathy’s drive to take care of people during their time of need is one of the reasons why they are available 24/7/365 to eliminate water damage from any location big or small.

“We’re even capable of responding within 45 minutes of a call for help because we position our teams to be able to strike anywhere when needed,” Kathy explains.

Don’t let your home be inundated with water from a ceiling leak, pipe burst or water damage from a heater failure unexpectedly. Contact Dan, Kathy and the water damage Germansville experts with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley and let them solve all of your restoration needs today!

Winter Damage Prevention Tips and Tricks

Dan and Kathy have solved innumerable water damage challenges in their time in the field, and this level of familiarity with the elements has given them an edge over all the competition on the honing of their water damage tradecraft.

Water Damage Restoration Caused Mold Growth“We can handle anything, and that includes giving people the help and advice they need to prevent damages from ever taking place at all,” Dan explains.

One of the tricks that Dan likes to tell people when they call for help to avoid damage from winter weather is to make sure that the gutters and downspouts of the home are clean and in working condition for runoff discharge.

“Making sure that water flows through the gutters and downspouts and safely away from the home is a huge factor in a roof line surviving the winter months,” Dan explains. “This is because when winter hits, if there is debris in the gutters it can cause overflows that freeze and can cause ice dams to form.”

Ice dams can be devastating to the structural capacity of the home, and keeping an ice dam from forming is the best way to ensure that mold doesn’t grow in the attic when it warms up.

Another tip that keeps home safe during winter is to keep the temperature of the structure above the freezing point so that if there is water in exposed piping that it doesn’t freeze and then cause a pipe burst to occur.

“Pipe bursts can be extremely damaging and also very expensive to fix once the destruction has occurred, and this is why we suggest making sure to inspect the whole system at least once a year,” Kathy says. “And never let the temperature drop too low.”

Apartment Laundry Room Causes Flooding

When Dan and Kathy take on a job they do so knowing that there may be hidden water damage challenges at every turn. On their most recent project they got called out to save units in an apartment complex from the effects of water damage after the upstairs tenant did a load of laundry that continued washing all day and night while they were away.

Water Damage Restoration Van At Winter Residential Job Site“Unfortunately, while the clothes in the washer got clean, the rest of the downstairs units got quite wet and dirty from all of the water discharging onto the laundry room floor above unexpectedly,” Dan says. “No one noticed until it started to leak through the ceiling of the first floor and spread out there.”

This job was quite a challenge, but Dan and Kathy got straight to work pumping out water and giving the tenants back their homes and their piece of mind too.

Dan and Kathy, along with all of their water damage Germansville technicians know first-hand how stressful these times can be for people, and that’s why they always try to prioritize the needs of their clients above all else.

“We made sure that the tenants knew we wouldn’t leave until we had them straightened out right,” Kathy explains. “Then when we got things to a good point, we even did the insurance paperwork for the property owner too.”

If your home is filled with water from a leaking laundry room unit, then don’t wait another second to contact Dan, Kathy and the water damage Germansville experts with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley today!

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