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Water damage Fogelsville

Eliminating the effects of a flood or any other water related event is a breeze for Dan and Kathy Cicchino along with their water damage Fogelsville teams at 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley.

Water Damage Restoration Sealing In Mold With A Vapor BarrierThis is because they have been solving the challenges that water damage scenarios cause for long enough to become extremely familiar with everything there is to know in the industry.

“We have seen it all in our time and that has given us the skills to take on the difficulties posed by any water damage challenge,” Dan says.

One of the things that makes Dan and Kathy such experts in the business is their ability to be anywhere within 45 minutes of a call to help.

“Our teams are strategically positioned so that we can be anywhere we need to quickly and with all the latest drying technology and suction equipment to do the job right,” Dan says.

Getting to the scene quickly with the right tools for the job is key to preventing damages from increasing when it comes to a water invasion, and this is because lingering and standing water will only go on to cause mold growth and structural problems if left unchecked.

Don’t let your home succumb to the elements from a pipe burst, ceiling leak or any other water damage woe. Contact Dan, Kathy and the water damage Fogelsville professionals with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley today!

Damage Prevention Measures

When it comes to making sure that water damage is properly dealt with, Dan, Kathy and the water damage Fogelsville professionals know that quick work is key, but that prevention is better.

First Floor Flooding From Water Damage“People seem to forget that simple maintenance tasks can save them big bucks when it comes to these things down the road,” Kathy says. “Simply checking on the hoses that are attached to your appliances will ensure that you find small abrasions before they grow larger and cause real trouble.”

Another trick that people can use to keep their home safe from water damage is to never let the temperature of areas with exposed pipes to drop below freezing. This keeps the water inside the pipes from freezing and bursting the pipe which can be truly costly to repair.

“In addition to protecting the inside of the house from freezing, people should also protect the outside from ice dams which can form on the roof line due to dirty gunk filled gutters overflowing,” Dan says.

Additionally, homeowners and businesses alike can prevent most forms of water damage by simply having a professional like Dan or Kathy come and inspect their entire plumbing system for issues that may develop if left unchecked.

Don’t let any of these water damage sources ruin your lovely home. Contact Dan, Kathy and the water damage Fogelsville teams with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley today and let them deal with it all for you!

Removal Service Comes With the Restoration

Dan and Kathy, along with all of their water damage Fogelsville technicians, know that water can come in many forms, and each has its own special way of finding a way into the home, and affecting it once it’s present.

Water Damage Restoration Pickup Truck“We did one job recently where the homeowner had an unfinished basement that they used to store clothes and furniture in,” Dan says. “They didn’t really use it that much, so they didn’t notice for a week that it was completely flooded after a big rainstorm.”

Dan and Kathy got straight to the house and started to pump out the water, but at the same time, while it was all water logged, the homeowner had a number of items in the basement that they wanted to make sure were looked after properly.

“We came in and pulled the water, and then we carefully extracted the air loom furniture and took it to a secure location where we could dry it out and bring it back to its original state,” Dan explains.

After they had secured all of the belongings from the basement, Dan, Kathy and the water damage Fogelsville professionals then set out to make the space livable again as they proceeded with air movers and dehumidifiers to completely dry the area out before starting the mold abatement phase of the project.

“After mold removal, then we did the restoration, and then we took care of all the insurance paperwork too,” Kathy explains. “It was quite the experience with this one, but when we were done they’re basement looked and smelled like new again, and it was even a little bit more tidy since we helped them to totally clean it up after the disaster.”

If your home has experienced water damage from a heavy rain, and you want to get it solved quicker to avoid a mold growth, then don’t hesitate to contact Dan, Kathy and the water damage Fogelsville pros at 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley today!

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