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Water Damage Emmaus

Taking on the challenges of a pipe burst situation is a task best left to the professionals and this is why Dan and Kathy Cicchino, and their water damage Emmaus staff with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley should be your first call whenever your home is in this situation.

Water Damage Restoration Ceiling RepairWhen it comes to eliminating water quickly and with total professionalism, Dan and Kathy always bring their most capable crews, and all the latest drying technology to get the job done right.

“We’ll always make sure to arrive within 45 minutes of an emergency call for help,” Kathy says. “And that makes a huge difference when it comes to saving a home from water damage and its aftermath.”

Additionally, Dan, Kathy and their teams of water damage Emmaus experts are available 24/7/365 to eliminate the water and the stress that it can cause people when it invades their homes or businesses.

“We know how difficult these times can be for people, and this is why we do our level best to make these situations go away as quickly as we can,” Dan says.

Dan, Kathy and the water damage Emmaus specialists are completely licensed, insured, bonded and IICRC certified for all types of different water damage situations which makes them the go-to solution for any restoration project in the area.

Don’t let your home be adversely affected by a pipe burst, water heater failure or ceiling leak this winter. Contact Dan, Kathy and the water damage Emmaus crews with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley for all the help and protection your home needs today!

How to Keep your Home Safe this Winter

Dan, Kathy, and their water damage Emmaus technicians have been providing solutions to the challenges presented by water damage for long enough to know all of the tips and tricks.

Water Damage From Flooding In WarehouseThis helps them to keep a home from ever having a water damage situation occur in the first place, and this is the basis for the advice that they tell all the people who call up looking for help in such matters.

“We get people calling all the time that just want to know what to do in certain situations,” Dan says. “So lots of the time, we actually just help people to avoid a water damage scenario from breaking out.”

One of the ways that Dan and Kathy try to help people to navigate these challenges is by suggesting that they clean out their gutters and clear the roof line every year before winter hits in full force.

This helps to eliminate the debris that can cause overflows and ice dams which can damage the structure of the home at the roof line.

“Another thing that we tell people to do all the time is just to check the viability of their hoses and fittings on the appliances attached to the water line,” Kathy explains. “This helps to notice anything small before it grows and causes water damage down the road.”

Ultimately the best way to keep a home safe from the damaging effects of winter is to have a professional inspect the entire home and plumbing system to check for areas that might cause trouble.

Don’t let a trouble area cause water damage in your gorgeous home. Contact Dan, Kathy and the water damage Emmaus professionals with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley today and let them take it all on for you!

Restoring Soaked Wet Bar

Dan and Kathy have seen and solved all imaginable kinds of water damage in their tenure, and this frequency has given them the opportunity to take on some extraordinary challenges which have produced some interesting stories and lessons to be learned from them.

Water Damage Restoration Truck Parked Near Lawn“We did a job recently where we were called out to do a water extraction from a party where people at the wet bar went a little too wild,” Dan says. “They let the water run from the hose faucet into an ice bucket on the shelf and just forgot it was there and running while they went swimming.”

When they came back from the soak, they realized that the whole first floor had gotten a soak of its own during their leisure time. That’s when they called Dan, Kathy and the water damage Emmaus professionals to come and help.

“We extracted the water from the first floor and managed to get to the house before the water got to the drywall at the edge of the kitchen,” Dan says. “So we saved that, but not the party.”

Dan and Kathy always make sure to go the distance for their customers, and on this occasion they even helped to fill out all of the insurance paperwork for the homeowners so that they wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of that in addition to their water damage job.

If your wet bar party has gotten too wild, and you need the professionals to restore your home like new again afterwards, then contact Dan, Kathy and the water damage Emmaus teams with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley today!

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