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Water Damage Center Valley

Not only do Dan and Kathy Cicchino, along with their water damage Center Valley experts with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley extract water after a disaster, but they also remove the stress from people’s lives that these situations cause.

Water Damage Restoration Mold Removal ProcessThey do this by being the best in the business, and part of being the best is arriving prepared and within 45 minutes of any emergency distress call they get.

“We make sure to get where we need to be quickly,” Dan says, “but beyond that we are also available for any kind of water damage scenario we are available 24/7/365 day and night to give people the help they need when they need it.”

Dan and Kathy always make sure to put the needs of their customer at the top of the priority list, and to do this they make sure to walk a client through every job before it happens so that there are no surprises when the restoration work begins.

“It’s our goal to make sure the homeowner is completely informed of everything we do,” Dan says, “we find that this makes for the quickest work and the highest quality restoration process when people feel as connected to the healing of their home as they did to the home before all this happened.”

Don’t let your home become inundated with category two water damage from a ceiling leak or a pipe burst in your home. Contact Dan, Kathy, and the water damage Center Valley experts with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley today!

Evading Water Damage Through Key Preparations

Dan and Kathy, along with their water damage Center Valley crews have seen and solved every kind of water related issue that exists in this business in both homes and businesses and that has elevated their expertise to the top of the pack.

Water Damage Restoration Closet RepairWith all of their knowledge in the industry, Dan and Kathy always try and give people the advice they need when they are in a water damage situation, and much of the time that involves prevention and not just disaster cleanup.

“We give people the help they need to make sure that water damage never even occurs,” Kathy says. “One of the most frequent questions we get asked about is how to prevent a pipe burst, and simply put the easiest way to make sure this never happens is to make sure the temperature of your home never dips below freezing.”

Freezing pipes have the capacity to expand and then when the pressure builds up again, a burst occurs. Pipe bursts can be extremely expensive to repair, and to restore the damage they cause, and this is why Dan and Kathy try to help people avoid them all together.

Another way to avoid water damage is to ensure that your gutters are cleaned during the fall. This helps to avoid clogs, which can become obstructions that can overflow. When winter hits, those overflows can turn into ice dams that can completely destroy a roof if left unchecked.

Don’t let your home’s roof be destroyed by a simple ice dam and resultant ceiling leak. Contact Dan, Kathy, and the water damage Center Valley pros with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley today to have it all done for you!

Finished Basement Restoration

Dan and Kathy are trusted and time test experts in the field of home restoration work, and this is why they are the go-to call for many in Center Valley who experience problems with water damage.

Water Damage Restoration Vans And Trucks At Job Site“We got one job where we were actually being called to clean up another restoration company’s poor work,” Kathy says. “Apparently they took care of the water that was flooding the finished basement, but didn’t completely dry out the building afterward.”

When Dan and Kathy got to the job they noticed that the carpet would squish with every footstep.

Knowing that this would soon turn into a mold contamination, Dan’s water damage Center Valley crew got straight to work and eliminated the water from the carpet, and they dried out the room afterwards.

This is just the type of hard work, dedication and ability that Dan and Kathy bring to every job that they take on, not just because it’s good business, but because it’s just the type of giving, and caring people that they are.

If your home is being taken over by water damage from an ice dam, ceiling leak, or local area flood, then contact Dan, Kathy, and the water damage Center Valley crews with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley for help today!

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