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Water damage Catasauqua

Providing the highest quality ceiling leak repairs and fixes is the bread and butter of daily life for 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley owners Dan and Kathy Cicchino, along with their water damage Catasauqua teams.

Water Damage Restoration Technician With ToolsTaking on the nature of powerful water in any of its various category forms can be quite the challenge, but Dan and Kathy are always up for making a difference in people’s lives through their expertise and skill at water removal.

“We know how these situations can be stressful for people, and that’s why we make sure to arrive within 45 minutes of any call for help,” Kathy says. “We are even available 24/7/365 so that no matter when a water damage situation breaks forth, we can be there to save the day.”

Dan and Kathy also know that the weather in Catasauqua can be finicky and that is why they have teams stationed all around the area so that no matter what they will be able to provide high quality restoration services even if some of the roads and communications are down.

“We’re experts, and part of that means getting around town efficiently with a completely mobilized set of equipment ready to go whenever someone needs our help,” Dan says.

Don’t let your home become a river of category two water damage from a water heater leak, pipe burst or any other means. Contact Dan, Kathy, and the water damage Catasauqua teams with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley today and let them help through everything!

Damage Avoidance Tips and Tricks

When it comes to stopping water damage in its tracks, it takes not only speed and skill, but also familiarity with the subject matter that can’t be achieved without lots of time in the field.

Dan and Kathy have accumulated so much experience honing their skills and defining their tradecraft that they endeavor to offer up their knowledge to anyone who needs it because that’s just the type of helpful community members that they are.

  • Water Damage From Flooding In Warehouse“One of the questions that we get asked regularly is about rust on pipes,” Dan says. “rust is a natural part of oxidization. That being said, if given long enough, rust can eat away at the structural carrying capacity of the pipe itself and over time it will fail. This is why we suggest replacing any truly rusty pipes immediately.”
  • Another question that Dan and Kathy get asked all the time relates to clogging of pipes and how to DIY fixes.
  • “People should know that a metal coat hanger is still one of the best home-made tools out there for fixing a clog,” Kathy says. “It can snake into the drain and pull out hair clogs with incredible ease. It’s just so obvious that people forget about trying it.”
  • Dan and Kathy make sure that they help people every day and that’s because they feel incredibly connected to the area of Catasauqua because they live nearby and are members of this community.

Don’t let a water damage situation from any of these scenarios unfold in your home unexpectedly. Contact Dan, Kathy, and the water damage Catasauqua professionals with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley today and let them solve it for you!

Abating Mold and Solving Damages with Every Restoration

Dan and Kathy have been called out on every kind of water damage project that his industry can throw at them, and this is how they have accumulated so many stories, and such expertise with the business.

Water Damage Restoration Truck On Driveway In Winter“The house that we showed up at was flooded from heavy rain in the basement over the course of a few days,” Dan says. “I don’t think the homeowners expected it to be so much water so quickly and they just weren’t prepared.”

That lack of preparation caused the water to not only back up past the point at which the sump pump could evacuate it, but also into the drywall which allowed it to wick up further and cause mold growth too.

“When we got to the basement where most of the damage had occurred, there was water everywhere still, and there was mold colonies forming and growing up all the walls with drywall on them. They were totally ruined,” Kathy says.

But that didn’t stop Dan and Kathy from getting straight to work. They started by extracting the water, then the soaked drywall, and then drying out the whole home.

After that they implemented vapor barriers and took out all of the affected moldy drywall safely so that the spores didn’t spread throughout the home.

It’s techniques like this that makes Dan and Kathy such professionals in this business, and that’s why you need to call them and the water damage Catasauqua team with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley if your home is experiencing any kind of water damage or mold growth issues today!

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