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How to Survive Family Gatherings by Cleaning

Published by SEO on June 7, 2016 in category: Current Event

Family gatherings can be a huge source of stress for a variety of reasons ranging from awkward conversations with your uncle Harold about the thing that is growing on his leg, to the mess that people create when at a party.

But, like with many situations in life, the cause of the problem can also provide the solution too. Actually, you’re on your own with the weird growth conversation with Uncle Harold, but for many other situations, these tricks will help you stay sane.


One of the better ways to stay sane and reduce anxiety before a family event is to go on a cleaning bender that will leave those around you in awe, as well as tidy.

Who Says Cleaning Can't Be FunThere are many cleaning tasks that are monotonous, but there are others where you will have to actually mentally engage, and when this happens, you likely won’t think about those impending conversations that you don’t want to have.

Better yet, if you clean up those hard to remember dirty areas, then you will have less worry that people will discuss how repulsive your lifestyle is – true or not.

They still will, but that’s because people are people and you probably do the same when you go to their house.

Additionally, regular and repetitive activities have the ability to limit your worrisome ways and reduce your stress by getting stuff done.

So, if you want to avoid the angst before the party, then get to cleaning up those nooks and crannies and soothe your nerves the old fashioned way.

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When the family has already arrived, and are midway through the bean dip, if you’re the type to get perturbed about those conversations you aren’t excited to have, then you always have the option of refilling the dip or clearing it out.

Everyones Family Is Awkward

Taking those empty beer cans and used plates of hors o’devours to the trash gives you a chance to take a break from the chaos of the party, and it will save you the upcoming stress of the cleanup job that rolls around after the party too.

People underestimate how short or long the dishes can take to wash and dry after a gathering of families.

When you are done with the main course and people are sitting around talking about uncle Harold’s repulsive skin abnormalities while digesting their meals, you will be presented with an escape route from the conversation by clearing the table and doing a load of dishes.

You can wash them as fast or in this case, as slowly as you want in order to remove yourself from the monotony of those unwanted awkward discussions, and remember, silverware needs to be dried, so that will eat up an extra few minutes too.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have a quick drink yourself while doing the wash, because you’ve made it this far, and you deserve it.

Plus, it has been the social lubricant for a few millennia now, and when the dishes are done, you’ll have to rejoin your loved ones for more revelry, so make it easier on yourself whenever possible.

After Party Tidying

When the main gathering is finished, there will likely still be some people that have had a few too many to leave your home, and with a few more drinks in them than would be desired by you, those awkward conversations can get kicked up a notch to an even stranger level.

After Party RelaxationOne of the ways that you can avoid this situation is to begin the cleansing process of the entire home.

Odds are strong that those who are still loitering in your living room and talking about how disgusting Uncle Harold’s epidermal anomalies are, won’t want to help you wipe down the counters, clean the pile of dishes, or move the folding tables back into storage.

This will allow you to get stuff done, but at the same time to deftly avoid getting mired in those weird situations that you couldn’t have even imagined.

Plus, when you start the cleaning process right after the shindig, you can rest easy when it’s done and that way you’ll likely get a free day where you won’t have any cleaning duties to perform tomorrow.

Family gatherings can be a burden if you’re the sort to get stressed in these situations, so the next time you have a holiday party or reunion of some sort, you can use these simple tricks to give yourself those little breaks and allowances that just might be the ones you need to survive the experience.

And if that doesn’t work, you can always force Uncle Harold to host next year.

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