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How To Safely React To A Nor’easter

Published by Jennifer on March 9, 2018 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Those living in Lehigh Valley are sure to feel the impact of the most recent nor’easter raging through the east coast causing snow and wind damage to properties all along the coast.

Technicians Performing Restoration Services In Flooded BasementWhen a storm of this size is created it is more than likely going to damage homes and business in the region. However, it is difficult to predict exactly how that damage may manifest.

Nor’easters are known for their strong winds that can cause storm surges, flooding, rain, snow and wind damage. All of these elements can destroy a home that is not prepared, which is why it is so important to stay up to date on how it is forming.

By paying attention to the local media you can be sure to receive the most recent information regarding the storm. You can also be best prepared by understanding he terms used to describe the storm, such as flood watch and flood warning, and knowing exactly what they mean.

Understanding A Nor’easter

Nor’easters are named after the the powerful northeasterly winds they create along the coast. These storms are formed when the top atmospheric levels meet and form a low-pressure system off the Mid-Atlantic coastal region.

Flooded Local Business After A Nor'easterIt is predicted that this nor’easter may become very powerful, so powerful in fact that meteorologist have drawn comparisons to the size of a hurricane. 

The winds pull in cold air from the west and warm air from the south, causing a ton of precipitation to transition through the Lehigh Valley. It has already caused moderate snowfall and 34 degree temperatures.

Different parts of the Lehigh Valley are predicted to see drastically different weather patterns, with some areas getting 3.4 inches of snow and others receiving as much as a foot. Since it is difficult to predict the impact of this nor’easter, it is important for business and homeowners to take precautions against the storm ahead of time, just in case.

How To React To The Storm

As mentioned before, the best way to embrace the impact of the nor’easter is by monitoring local conditions. You should also research your community’s evacuation procedures and know where the routes are located.

Snow Storm Damage Restoration VanIf you are advised by local officials to evacuate the area then do not hesitate to do so. It can be difficult to leave your home and most of your possessions behind with the uncertainty that a storm brings, but it is in your best interest to follow evacuation orders immediately.

If you find yourself on the road during the storm be mindful not to drive through any flood water and do not drive around any barriers. Stay clear of any fallen power lines and report them to the fire department.

If you stay in your home and flooding occurs, try to minimize water damage by elevating furniture and other items. You should also be aware of where the main power switch is for your electricity and gas, in case you need to turn these off at some point during the storm.

If you are left without power during the snow storm, use flashlights and candles to light the area. Make sure you have extra batteries and matches. Keep all of these items in one place that is made aware to everyone in the household.

It may be necessary to solicit help from emergency services, in which case you can reach out to The Red Cross or FEMA.

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