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Disaster Restoration Allentown

Taking on the challenges presented during any variety of disaster related event is difficult and technical work, and this is why it is best left to the professionals like 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley. The disaster restoration Lehigh Valley team are licensed, insured, bonded and work with IICRC certified techs to implement advanced disaster remediation.

Water Damage Restoration Sealing In Mold With A Vapor BarrierBeing ready to handle any type of disaster means being prepped and optimized for mobility at the drop of a hat. This is why the disaster restoration Lehigh Valley experts with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley are capable of arriving within 45 minutes of a call for help.

No matter what kind of disaster takes place, from a tornado to a fire outbreak, we can be anywhere quickly and we can do so with expert technicians who are available 24/7/365. That way we can get straight to the heart of any situation and start solving the challenges for people in need.

When a disaster does occur the disaster restoration Lehigh Valley team are trained in all of the latest drying technology, suction equipment, air moving tools, and cleaning apparatus to make sure that your home or business is in tip-top shape when the job is done.

If your home needs disaster restoration relief of any sort then don’t wait another minute for the damages to increase. Contact the disaster restoration Lehigh Valley team with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley today for all the help you need to get back on track!

Disaster Prevention and Avoidance Tips from the Industry Experts

The disaster restoration crew with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley have been providing solutions to all manner of different disaster restoration related concerns for their whole careers in the industry, and this is how they have come to be the go-to source for people with trouble in the Lehigh Valley area.

Water Damage Mold Growth SituationWe get called every day when the weather picks up from people that are just trying to learn how they can protect their home and keep it safe from the elements when crisis looms on the horizon. This is why we have developed a list of the ways that people can protect their property from the need for disaster restoration work.

Below is not a complete and total list of all the things that home and business owners can do to protect their property, so if anyone has any questions still, they should call our disaster restoration Lehigh Valley staff immediately to learn more.

  • Make sure that the trees around your property are well-trimmed to prevent them from dropping limbs onto your roof and introducing water damage to the interior.
  • Never forget to check the sump pumps in your home to make sure they are in perfect working order for when heavy rain comes.
  • Have a plumbing or restoration expert come and inspect your system for any potential places of obstruction that may become water damage situations with the effects of extreme weather.
  • Always direct downspouts away from the foundation of the home so as to prevent liquefaction of the foundation in heavy rain events.

If your home has already gone through a disaster of some sort, then don’t hesitate to contact the skillful team of disaster restoration professionals with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley today!

Sump Pump Failure Causes Water Damage and Then Mold Contamination

The disaster restoration crew with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley have seen and solved all the various different kinds of disasters that can affect the area, and this high level of familiarity with the industry has given them the ability to take on any kind of project at any time too.

Water Damage Restoration SUV and Dog At WarehouseWe recently went out on a job where heavy rain burned out the home’s sump pump, and then it didn’t stand a chance against the flooding. After the water receded, the entire basement started to grow mold on the walls, and that’s when we came to help.

Our disaster restoration Lehigh Valley professionals got straight to work eliminating the soaked and moldy drywall, and they completely drying the property out of all remaining moisture from the extreme rain.

After we got the place totally dry and dehydrated again, we then started to rebuild it and make it look like new again. We even helped out the homeowners by doing the insurance paperwork for them so they wouldn’t have too much on their plate to handle.

If your home has already experienced a disaster situation, then you need the expertise and skill of the disaster restoration Lehigh Valley crew with 911 Restoration Lehigh Valley to take care of you and your home properly!

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