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Behold The Ice Door

Published by SEO on June 9, 2016 in category: Water Damage Restoration

It rarely happens, but when all of the weather conditions are absolutely perfect, situations like an ice door can happen without any real warning.

Ice Door For those of you who live in the colder regions of the country where snow and ice are a regular concern, situations like an ice door are definitely on the list of things to avoid.

Let’s take a closer look at this phenomena and that way we can all prevent it from happening to us.

So, first of all, what exactly is an ice door?

An ice door is a regular door that has had a combination of snow and ice water form on the exterior to the point at which it creates a solid barricade.

While the conditions that produce these barriers are quite rare, they do exist, and they can happen to you too.

If you want to know how to prevent an ice door situation, then we have some solid tips for you to make sure that you never get trapped inside because of a wall of ice.

How Does An Ice Door Form?

An ice door can really only form under extremely specific circumstances. Most of the time this is a combination of melting and freezing all at the same time, but with the unfortunate addition of high winds too.

Ice DamWhen melting water from a roof or from a warmer than usual thermal pocket of air collects near a pocket of freezing air with the inclusion of wind, and ice door becomes a reality.

Imagine a day with freezing temperatures, but that also has a bit of a drizzle and sleet at the same time.

If this wind blows that drizzle and sleet combination into a solid surface, it can collect as ice, and while this typically happens on trees and lamp posts, it can happen to your front door too.

To prevent an ice door you simply need to follow a few easy tips and tricks when the weather picks up and you’ll be right as rain.

Preventing Ice Doors

Preventing ice doors is much the same process as preventing ice falls, ice dams and other frozen accumulations in your home or office, and all it takes is a bit of work.

Ice FallWhen the weather conditions are just right, as described above, an ice door can form, but all you need to do to keep this from happening is to ensure that the space where this is possible is well heated with the ambient temperature of the home.

If this is an impossibility, then you can also always prevent an ice door by simply opening the door frequently while the storm is rolling through.

This will help to make sure that any ice that is starting to accumulate doesn’t collect in sheets on the door, as this is the beginning of an ice door.

Make sure to open it regularly, and chip away any accumulations that may have collected, and you will be right on track to have an open portal to escape the home when the storm is over.

Another reason that this is helpful is because an ice door can lead to water damage when the ice melts, or it can even cause structural issues when the ice expands.

Just be sure that when you do egress to walk slowly and carefully as while you may have avoided an ice door by opening it frequently or heating the area, you likely won’t have managed to do so to the sidewalk which may be icy too. To fix this, toss out some rock salt before the storm hits, and stay safe.

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